Date: January 13, 2020

Author: Jaco Swart


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Consider outsourcing these business services in 2020

The New Year brings many business changes. Staff often fail to return to work after the holiday, leaving you in the lurch. As a business owner, you may be reevaluating whether these empty roles even need to be filled. Consider strategically outsourcing essential business services to lighten your load and free up budget.

Outsourcing is contracting out key business functions to a skilled and efficient service provider. This acts as an affordable alternative to keeping these functions in-house. Payroll frequently makes up the biggest proportion of business expenses.

Here are some essential business services that are simple to outsource:

  1. Tax Administration

As the age-old saying goes: “Nothing is certain except for death and taxes.” Make the inevitable easier and outsource to a professional tax practitioner.

Small business owners may be particularly reluctant to outsource their tax admin. However, this method of keeping costs down may have financial consequences. For example, these businesses may not get the most from their tax returns. Insufficient knowledge of tax structuring may leave them at a further disadvantage.

We would like to encourage businesses of every size to outsource to a tax practitioner in 2020. There is no substitute for professional tax advice. Contact us for meticulous tax planning and administration. We offer a personalized service to meet your business’ unique needs.

  1. Accounting

Businesses are discovering the cost-cutting benefits of outsourced accounting. When outsourcing, your business only pays for the number of hours it uses. This is not the case with in-house accounting. Your business is held to a monthly salary, paid annual leave, sick leave and more.

Software licenses required for in-house services may also be prohibitively expensive. Outsourcing means you can scratch those software costs off your bill. An outsourced accounting service holds licenses for all necessary software.

Contact Counteractive for professional and efficient outsourced accounting services. We’re proud to provide all our clients with personal and proactive accounting, even though we’re not in-house.

  1. Business Administration

Keeping administrative tasks in-house may distract from your core business activities. Consider outsourcing your business administration to a capable service provider. Firstly, you’ll cut down on salary costs. Also, the workload will be lightened for in-house employees. They may find it easier than ever to direct their focus towards achieving targets.

Payroll administration is one of the biggest sources of business admin. Find an efficient service provider to manage your monthly salary administration and statutory returns. You’ll be amazed by how much time is freed up to work towards your business goals.

Secretarial duties are another form of business admin best outsourced. Make use of a virtual assistant for maintaining the office calendar, answering the phone or responding to emails. For business administrative tasks like company registration, outsource to a service provider who understands the legal ins and outs.

Contact Counteractive for efficient outsourced salary administration. We also offer expert business registration as part of our secretarial duties service.

By outsourcing relevant business services in 2020, your business will be richer in both time and budget. Get in touch with us to discover how your business can reap the benefits of outsourced accounting services (and more).

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