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Why counteractive?

Wealth is not a coincidence, it’s a strategy

At its core, counteractive is an accounting firm driven by people, some accountants who go the extra mile for you. Based in Somerset West, we also have the vision to take you on a journey to create and accumulate sustainable wealth during the lifetime of your business. While counteractive was established in 2007, our collective expertise spans 81 years in more than 8 industry sectors. This means that your journey with us benefits from the tools you’ll need to create enduring wealth and profits in your company.

How do we help you accumulate wealth?

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How do we help you accumulate wealth?

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Why business owners choose counteractive

We have industry knowledge and expertise

With over 20 years of Industry knowledge and experience in helping businesses succeed and become sustainably profitable. We have ample expertise in helping family-owned businesses take steps to grow their expertise within their teams.

We take a holistic approach

All the components that make your business run are important, but we believe that the whole should be greater than the sum of its parts. For this reason, we take a holistic approach that analyses the complexities, to construct a comprehensive business profit strategy.

We are driven by results

Too many businesses are focussed on their numbers, so much so that they cannot see the wood for the trees. We don’t believe in short-term success, but rather consistent and sustainable growth. Therefore, we focus on the results of implementing the right changes at the right time to maximise your long-term wealth.

We form partnerships

Our motto when it comes to clients is “People working with People”. We believe that building long-term relationships through superior service is well worth the effort required to maintain them. We make your wealth accumulation strategy a collaborative one that sees you and your business for more than just its numbers.

We are client and solution focussed

Every client has their own specific needs, which may vary significantly from someone else in their same industry. We deliver a service that tailors to your requirements through a holistic analysis and profit strategy that lines up with your goals and business philosophy.

We stimulate growth

Since we take care to analyse your business in great detail through our Signature Solution, we understand just where to focus the efforts to start growing your business and equipping it for sustained wealth accumulation all while taking care to ensure that your objectives are met.

CounterActive Knowledge

Industry Knowledge & Expertise​

With deep industry knowledge and experience working with family-run businesses, we understand the importance of sustainability and your need for outsourced expertise in your team.

CounterActive Holistic

Holistic Approach to Business​

Our holistic approach considers every detail of your financial position and how each interacts with another.

CounterActive Results

Results Driven​

We are not solely focused on “the numbers game” but rather on following a holistic and innovative strategic approach for your business.

CounterActive Growth

Growth Stimulators

To help you stimulate growth, we pre-assess your needs and objectives before establishing a holistic approach to achieve profitability and accumulated wealth in your business.

CounterActive Solutions

Client & Solutions Focused​

Our bespoke services are tailored to your specific needs to help you increase profitability and achieve wealth accumulation for yourself and your business.

CounterActive Relationships

We form a Partnership​

Working by our motto: “People working with people”, we provide superior services and build a long-term collaborative relationship with you.

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