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Business management integration: information at your fingertips

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There are many reasons why integrated business management systems (BMS) are essential for any organisation. While improving information security, meeting compliance obligations and company alignment are necessary for all businesses, a BMS can also help you scale sustainably, remove inefficiencies, and allow you to make strategic decisions faster.

What’s more, with an integrated system, your staff all work with the same data and technology and communication improves across the whole company.


5 Benefits of integrated business management systems

Management systems work for all types and business sizes with the correct management and training.  So, what are the benefits?

Reduced errors

Because tasks within a BMS are automated, the risk of human error is drastically reduced.

Paperless working environment

Not only is this going paperless good for the environment, but it saves wasted time too. Gone are the days of sifting through reams of papers to find what you need. With a BMS the information is available with the click of a mouse.

Staff have the information they need when they need it

With all your business information fully up to date and stored in one system every user within the company has access to the same information at all times.

Sensitive data is secure

BMS offer all sorts of controls so that you can establish specific rights of access to specific people. This way, only staff who have permission to sensitive data can access it.

Improved productivity

A BMS solution reduces operator mistakes, helps staff keep track of their tasks, and saves time by having up-to-date information available when it’s needed. What this means is that employee productivity will vastly improve.


Cloud accounting for better productivity

Cloud-based accounting, such as Xero, works in the same way as a business management system. It also helps you and your team work smarter and faster, make better decisions in real-time, improve your cash flow management and, just like with a business management system, data is always secure and up to date, collaboration with team members is quick and easy and human error is drastically reduced.

If you’re looking for an accountant who’ll help you consider your productivity to improve your profit,

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