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Should your financial management be in-house or outsourced?

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Are you struggling to decide between hiring an in-house financial manager or outsourcing your accounting needs? Discover the pros and cons of each option in this comprehensive comparison.


Skillset and expertise

An in-house financial manager has a specialised skillset in finance and accounting. They are responsible for handling various financial aspects of your business, such as financial reporting, budgeting, and tax planning. They also have a deep understanding of your company’s financial situation and can provide tailored advice.

On the other hand, an outsourced accountant has a broad range of accounting expertise and experience working with different industries. They can provide valuable insights and recommendations based on their experience working with other clients in similar situations. They are also up-to-date with the latest accounting standards and regulations.



Hiring an in-house financial manager involves a higher cost compared to outsourcing your accounting needs. An in-house financial manager requires a salary, benefits, and other employment costs such as insurance and taxes. You also need to provide them with the necessary tools and equipment, including accounting software, hardware, and office space.

In contrast, an outsourced accountant is typically paid on an hourly or project basis. You only pay for the services they provide, and you do not need to worry about additional expenses such as benefits or equipment.



Outsourcing your accounting needs provides more flexibility compared to hiring an in-house financial manager. You can scale your accounting services up or down depending on your business needs. For example, during peak periods, you can hire additional accountants to help with your workload. Conversely, during slow periods, you can reduce your accounting expenses.

With an in-house financial manager, you are limited to the services they can provide. If you need additional accounting services, you may need to hire additional staff or outsource the work to an external provider.



An in-house financial manager provides you with more control over your accounting processes. You can oversee their work directly and ensure that your financial reporting is accurate and up-to-date. You can also implement your financial policies and procedures and enforce them through your in-house team.

With an outsourced accountant, you have less direct control over your accounting processes. However, you can still set guidelines and expectations, and monitor their work through regular communication and reporting.



Deciding whether to hire an in-house financial manager or outsource your accounting needs depends on your business’s distinctive circumstances. In-house financial managers provide specialised expertise and control over your accounting processes but can be expensive and inflexible. Outsourced accountants provide a broad range of accounting expertise and are more flexible and cost-effective, but you have less control over your accounting processes. Ultimately, the decision will depend on your business’s needs, size, and financial situation.

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