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Are you up to date with your EMP501 recons?

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If you’ve got your hands full with tax-related paperwork, filing accurate tax returns and meeting SARS deadlines could be one of the important responsibilities you battle with. And, if you get it wrong, the interest and penalties payable on late or inaccurate VAT, PAYE or company income tax returns can be harsh.

Do you pay too much tax as a commission earner?

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Tax directives for individuals who earn commission enable SARS to instruct your employer or fund manager to deduct tax at a set rate/percentage (determined by SARS for your specific case) and not at the general income tax rates.

Does your financial reporting deliver real meaning?

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Financial reporting provides insight and transparency into your company’s financial position and operations. It’s important because it gives company stakeholders the right information, with the right amount of detail, to make better-informed decisions.

Too many payroll errors?

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If you’re like most business owners, rather than focusing on your payroll, you’d rather be putting your energy into the quality of your products and services, staying competitive, and keeping your customers happy.

Is your business legally compliant?  

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In many businesses, compliance is overlooked. Not only does this mean that your business isn’t operating lawfully, but also that there are financial implications concerning non-compliance that have far-reaching consequences.

Financial year end without the pain

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Do you get bogged down with your financial year-end? Many business owners do. To help alleviate the pressure, being prepared, as well as consistently managing your financial records throughout the year will make life easier when the deadline comes around.

Changing your accountant is easier than you think

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Is the thought of changing your accountant freaking you out? Like so many big decisions in life – getting married, having a baby, or getting divorced – it may seem like it’s never the right time.

The unsleazy way to get new customers

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To grow your business and increase your profit, you need a steady flow of new customers buying your products or using your services. But you know next to nothing about marketing and closing deals makes you feel sleazy. Unfortunately, there’s no way around it for business owners. You do need to market and you do need to close deals.

Business management integration: information at your fingertips

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There are many reasons why integrated business management systems (BMS) are essential for any organisation. While improving information security, meeting compliance obligations and company alignment are necessary for all businesses, a BMS can also help you scale sustainably, remove inefficiencies, and allow you to make strategic decisions faster.

Save costs and improve fleet efficiency

Small Fleet Efficiency Savings

Business logistics matter to every organisation regardless of the scope, industry, or specialisation. And, as most businesses will be working towards reducing overheads to increase profits, effectively managing the cost of your fleet of vehicles can’t be overlooked.

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