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Do your employees understand their annual bonus?

The difference between a thirteenth cheque and a performance bonus is clear but many employees aren’t aware that there’s a difference. A thirteenth cheque is an additional monthly salary or 8.33% of the employee’s annual salary that’s usually paid in December. A performance bonus is based on an employee’s performance and is subject to the […]

Authentic relationships result in happier customers

Every business in the world sells something. They sell goods or services in order to address a need or desire of a consumer, and to achieve a profit in the process (at the very least only to ensure its sustainability).  Before the introduction of many modern technologies (the internet specifically), focussing solely on quality goods or services in order to make profit was the common thing to do. Business owners could often […]

Why investing in youth is good for your business

It was Nelson Mandela that famously said, “The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow”. And although some years have passed since his death, his words still echo true. How we treat our youth (legally defined in South Africa as people between the ages of 15-35) will have a lasting impact on the growth of our country and even local businesses.  Staggeringly, […]

5 Tips for making the most of your opportunities to scale

2020 was an immensely difficult year. Because of the economic downturn in the country, it left a lot of businesses with insurmountable odds to make things work and so, many businesses have had to shut up shop. While this has been unfortunate for many business owners, it does present those who have been able to […]

10 tips for excellent cash flow management

Are you sitting down? Let us share a frightening statistic with you. In a report published by FinFind in November 2020, it was found that 42.7% of small businesses in South Africa were forced to shut down during the first 5 full months of the lockdown.  The research data was comprised in a survey of 1489 businesses across all main sectors of the economy, and so must […]

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